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Hola beautiful people!

We love sprees. And therefore, we are always here to open new sprees after new sprees, according to our customers flavour. Please proceed to our spree status if you want to check the progress of your orders ok.

We'll be back by end of the month. God's willing.

Don't forget to read the terms & conditions on the right. Visit our instocks too ok! Proceed to the bottom for more navigations. They are waiting for you.

Please use the contact form if you have any enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP.

Happy shopping women & stay glamorous!!!

...Fashion-ist ...
Where fashion is a must.




Glamorous Fashion-istas

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Hello Ladies!!

We are the BBG

This blogshop was officially opened on 28th October 2008.
We are doing good even though it's abit slow.
Yet we know, there are going to be alot of smiling customers of us in the future.

We don't need you to really love us & know us.
What we need is only for you all to trust us.

If you still have doubts about us, you can click on our photos.
It will direct you to our individual blogs.

Alright don't forget to go through our rules & regulations.
Happy browsing & shopping.
Ok ladies, stay skinny & glamorous!

Terms & Conditions

1. Fashion-ist shall not be held any responsibilities for lost or damages incurred during delivery. Registered mail ($3.50 each piece) is encourage to prevent lost of item. Normal postage ($1.50 each piece) is required. Additional ($0.50 each piece) for heavy items.

2. Once order is confirmed and payment is made, there will be no cancellation of order and refund of payment.

3. All items sold are non-refundable or exchangeable. The items are carefully check to be in good condition before sending out.

4. Colors & measurements shown in photographs may differ slightly from actual item due to lighting. Please understand that all measurements are provided by the manufacturing dealers. We will not be responsible for any difference from the actual product measurements.

5. Please use the order form provided to submit your orders.

6. All items are on 1st-come-1st served basis.

7. Please note that full payment must be made as we confirm your order. Payment has to be remitted within 48hours upon confirmation email is sent to you. We hate to chase customers. And we will get very upset for MIA people. We hate to blacklist customers.

8. Order will only be processed upon receiving of payment. Therefore, we do not accept cash upon meeting.

9. If prefer to self collect, will be at EAST AREA only.

10. Payment are ONLY be made through Funds Transfer to POSB Savings via Atm or Internet Banking.

11. To speak to us directly, please fill in the contact form. We are at your service!

12. Full payment have to be made for preorder items.

13. If you need to reserve any items from our instocks, deposit of $5 required. If not, items shall not be reserved.

14. We do not transfer items over MRT fare gate. Read to know why.

Thank you!

Adv / Links
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♥Past Events:

1. Flea Market at Pasir Ris East CC on 15 March 2009
Enter here for Pictures of Event
2. Flea Market at Tampines on 18 & 19 April 2009
Enter here for Pictures of Event
3. Flea Market at Tampines on 17 May 2009
Enter here for Pictures of Event
♥Ongoing Events:
What: Tampines Flea Market
When: 20th & 21st June 2009 @ 4pm to 10pm
Where: Walkway Along MRT Line near Blocks 158, 159 and 162 Tampines St. 12

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